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Airplane - Apprentice pilot -Aerobatic -Lachute +V - 29994145

Airplane - Apprentice pilot -Aerobatic -Lachute +V

Get initiated to aerobatic flying !

Duration: 1h15 including 20 minutes of ground school and 40 minutes of flight.
Departures from Lachute airport North of Montreal.
This package also includes the video of your flight!

Take a 20 minutes ground school and get aboard an Aerobat airplane in the pilot seat with an stunt-flying instructor by your side to get initiated to stunt flying for a 40 minutes flight. You will experience barrels, looping, hammerheads etc. For the part where the student pilot takes the control of the aircraft, the flight will be adapted to his capabilities. A fantastic experience!
Maximum weight of 230 pounds.

229.95 $

Category: Aerobatics,  Product: 29994145
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