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Airplane - Stunt flying - Aerobat - Lachute +Video - 29994146

Airplane - Stunt flying - Aerobat - Lachute +Video

Do you like thrilling adventures ? Come experience an aerobatic flight aboard a Aerobat. Stalls, looping, spirals, spins, and more !

Departures from Lachute Airport North of Montreal.
Duration of flight: 40 minutes on an Aerobat aircraft.
This package also includes the video of your flight!

Take place in an Aerobat, an aerobatic training aircraft, with a stunt-flying instructor for 40 minutes and live the unique experience of an aerobatics flight! This introductory flight will allow you to live an emotion rich experience.

Activity available all year round ! An unforgettable gift.
Maximum weight of 230 pounds.

199.95 $

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