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Float plane - Quebec city - Forest Lunch 4pers - 29994243

Float plane - Quebec city - Forest Lunch 4pers

Location: Departure from Quebec City area
Duration: 3h30 including approx. 1.5 hour of flight time.
This package is good for up to 4 persons.
Departure around 11h00

Take-off for a lunch by the lake in one of Québec`s most famous fishing lodges: La Seigneurie du Triton. Let the chef prepare your lunch on a wood fire while you`re enjoying nature. Experience the joy of flying aboard a floatplane with a real bush pilot! Take-off for a flight over the beautiful lakes and the great scenic views of the Quebec province.

Included: Shore lunch meals (soup, salad, barbecue dish, sides and dessert).

Conditions: Maximun total combined weight of the passengers of 600 pounds or 270 kg.
Note: Place the order online and the pilot will contact you to complete the payment by phone. Online payments are not accepted.

1400.00 $

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