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Paragliding tandem flight (mountain flight) - 29993843

35 years of experience. Tens of thousands of flights done!

Paragliding tandem flight (mountain flight)

Fly tandem with an instructor at mount Yamaska near Granby. A flight last aproximately 20 minutes depending on weather and wind conditions. Mountain take-off at 1100 feet. An unforgetable experience. Maximum weight of 235 lb. Flights from may to october. Gift certificates available all year round.

195.00 $

35 years of experience. Tens of thousands of flights done!
Upon your arrival, your flight instructor will be presented to you. Your instructor will explain the plan for your flight.

A shuttle will bring you up the mountain, and your instructor will teach you what you need to know for the takeoff, the flight and the landing.

A short run is needed for the takeoff. If there is wind, only a few steps will be necessary.

During flight The passenger is sitting in front of the instructor in flight enjoying an unobstructed view.

Paragliding is an activity sensitive to wind. It is possible that you may have to reschedule your flight. In any case, the experience is worth the delay. Safety comes first.

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