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Airplane - Stunt flying - St-Hubert - 29994092

35 years of experience. Tens of thousands of flights done!

Airplane - Stunt flying - St-Hubert

Do you like thrilling adventures ? Come and experience an aerobatic flight!
Stalls, Looping, Spirals, Spins, and more !

Departures from St-Hubert-Longueuil airport near Montreal.

Duration : 60 minutes including 20 minutes of ground school and 40 minutes of flight.

After a 20 minutes ground school lesson, take your seat in the aircraft with an instructor by your side for 40 minutes and live the unique experience of an aerobatics flight!
This introductory flight will allow you to live an emotion rich experience aboard a Super Decathlon, a well known aerobatic airplane. You will try several aerobatic maneuvers like inverse flight, barrels, loopings and several more.

Are you ready for a good adrénaline dose?
Activity available all year round ! An unforgettable gift.
Maximum weight of 200 pounds (91 kg).

259.95 $

35 years of experience. Tens of thousands of flights done!

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