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Flight simulator - Jet Fighter - 60 min - Montrea - 29994100

35 years of experience. Tens of thousands of flights done!

Flight simulator - Jet Fighter - 60 min - Montrea

Jet Fighter Flight Simulator in Virtual Reality - Solo mission

Location: Montreal area (Center of Laval)
Duration: 80 minutes including a 20 minutes class and 60 minutes of flight simulator

You have always dreamed to be in command of a jet fighter. Here is your chance to live the sensations of a perilous fighter mission. Fly at full speed into the sky. Maybe you`ll be able to reproduce mythical scene of Hollywood movies !

Recreational Flight now offers you to fulfill your dream with the Virtual Reality Jet Fighter Simulators. This unique experience in Canada is based on the US Air-Force training simulator. Get aboard a replica of a real fighter cockpit with the ejection seat and all the equipment of a real combat pilot. Wear the pilot suit and helmet, smell the odor of the combat airplane. You will live a multi-sensory immersive experience aboard a Mig 29, a Sukoi-27, a F-15 Eagle, a F/A 18C Hornet, etc !

First follow a short course on how the simulator works and the basic maneuvers of a jet fighter than get ready to live the great experience of being in command combat aircraft. Choose among a choice of over 20 missions type like:

- Reconnaissance mission.
- Surveillance mission.
- Formation flight (with your friends)
- Air combat mission (against the enemies or against your friends)

Two persons at the time can participate in a mission. Each person is flying his own Fighter airplane. The groups of friends or coworkers participate two by two and can evaluate their Top Gun pilots capacities. The record man will have the privilege to carry the famous Top Gun Cup!

Minimum age of 14 years old.

149.95 $

35 years of experience. Tens of thousands of flights done!

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