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Airplane - Flying lesson - Beloeil - 29994218

35 years of experience. Tens of thousands of flights done!

Airplane - Flying lesson - Beloeil

Location: Beloeil airport near Montreal (only 12 minutes from the tunnel).
Duration: 2.5 hours including a 45 min flight and a ground class of 1.5 hour.
Number of person: 1 person.
Maximum weight is 250 pounds.

Take a flying lesson with a professional instructor with the objective of becoming an airplane pilot. This lesson counts in your training toward getting your pilot licence. This instructor will adapt the lesson to your level of pilot. Your flying lesson is preceded by a ground school session where you can ask your questions.

After your ground course, you will take place in the pilot seat in front of the instruments! You will receive an official certificate for your flight as a pilot and your logbook can be signed. You will get documents and explanations on the training curriculum and the fees.

Other options available to purchase with this package:
* Additional flight time available by block of 30 minutes.
* Souvenir video of your flight available to purchase in this store.

229.95 $

35 years of experience. Tens of thousands of flights done!

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