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Airplane - Fly 45 - St-Hubert -C172 - 29994313

35 years of experience. Tens of thousands of flights done!

Airplane - Fly 45 - St-Hubert -C172

Flight on a Cessna 172 (C172) Airplane

You always dreamed to be an airplane pilot or you want to offer a fantastic gift? Here is your chance!

Everybody can do it. There are no prerequisite or experience required. It is accessible to all* !

This package allows you to live immediately the experience and the pleasure of flying an airplane.

Your experience will be in two parts:
- A presentation on how to control the airplane.
- A flight where you will be flying the aircraft sitting in the captain seat.

The passion of flight will be transmitted to you forever !

- Duration of 1 hours, including 45 minutes of flight.
- Departures from St-Hubert-Longueuil airport at 12 minutes from Montreal on the South-Shore.
- Opened all year. Flights scheduled everyday*

Flight on C172 airplane (Cessna 172). More powerful and spacious airplane that can take heavier and taller students up to approximately 300 lb / 136 kg 6 ft 3in / 190 cm ** and that have weight proportional to their height. Consult us before buying if you have doubts.

239.00 $

35 years of experience. Tens of thousands of flights done!
This package is very popular among our clients.

- Your flight time counts toward your pilot licence if you want to pursue your training later.

- Youngsters can also live this experience. We recommend a minimum age of 13 years old.

- The airplanes used are Cessnas

- An instructors is with you all the time and has dual controls.

This package is our most popular gift !

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