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Glider tandem flight

Valid location: St-Hyacinthe area. 45 min from Montreal.

Live the experience of a glider flight. Get towed to 3000 feet by the tow plane then glide in silence and admire the beautiful scenery. Approximate flight lenght of 30 minutes. Maximum passenger weight of 240 lb. From May to October. Reservations required. Weekends and statute holidays according to availability.

225.95 $

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Aerobatic glider flight


Live the strong experience of a glider aerobatic flight!
Loops, rolls, vertical climbs, inverted flight... !

This unique glider aerobatic flight includes:
- 15 to 20 minutes of ground training with an aerobatic instructor
- Towing to an altitude of one mile (5280 feet or 1.6km )for the aerobatic flight !
- Possibility of taking the controls towards the end of the flight.

- Minimum age of 16 (signed parental release required if under 18)
- Maximum weight: 100kg (220 lb)
- Maximum height: 180cm (5`11”)

Reservation required. Weekend booking mainly.

Activity location: St-Hyacinthe area (St-Dominique), 45 min from Montréal.
Approximate total flight duration of 20 à 30 minutes.
Note: The instructor will adjust YOUR flight to YOUR comfort level

349.95 $

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