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Glider tandem flight - 20 -30 minutes

Valid location: St-Hyacinthe area. 45 min from Montreal.

Live the experience of a glider flight. Get towed to 3000 feet by the tow plane then glide in silence and admire the beautiful scenery. Approximate flight lenght: 20 to 30 minutes. Maximum passenger weight of 240 lbs. From May to October. Reservations required. Weekends and statute holidays according to availability.

225.95 $

Aerobatic glider flight


Live the strong experience of a glider aerobatic flight!
Loops, rolls, vertical climbs, inverted flight... !

This unique glider aerobatic flight includes:
- 15 to 20 minutes of ground training with an aerobatic instructor
- Towing to an altitude of one mile (5280 feet or 1.6km )for the aerobatic flight !
- Possibility of taking the controls towards the end of the flight.

- Minimum age of 16 (signed parental release required if under 18)
- Maximum weight: 100kg (220 lbs)
- Maximum height: 180cm (5`11”)

Reservation required. Weekend booking mainly.

Activity location: St-Hyacinthe area (St-Dominique), 45 min from Montréal.
Approximate total flight duration of 20 à 30 minutes.
Note: The instructor will adjust YOUR flight to YOUR comfort level

349.95 $